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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kj WON but, did UMNO lose?

" UMNO youth results. what are your thots? "
(SMS rcvd from 012-7-----8, 26 March)

" They blew up the chance to clean up pemuda, that beruk is a liability "
(SMS rcvd from 012-2-----9 at 0032hours, 26 March)

"Fuck! KJ MENang Doh! Ah haram tipu F uck! "
(SMS rcvd from 017-3-----4 at 2329hours, 25 March)

Did UMNO lose? OR, is it just my circle of grumpy middle-aged, sore loser friends!

My 177sen thoughts:-
  • Innocent until proven guilty...a MERE WARNING does not suffice!

  • NEVER underestimate the "power of RM" during troubled times!

  • Congratulations is in order despite being left for dead in the aftermath of the 12th General Elections.

P.S. Congratulations to Zaki Zahid -9th=446votes
(MC/Introducer during my Wedding reception at Tabung Haji, 1996).
Also to Tg. Azman -8th=455votes (my senior in RMC).
Commiserations to Akhramsyah Sanusi-41st=161votes (my 'brother-in-law')
...try again Bro!