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Sunday, May 2, 2010

10k BOMBA RUN for "IRM-Ekspedisi Merdeka KL London: Library for Orphanage Project"

Today MY Weltanschauung participated (...and COMPLETED!) in my first 10k run in 16years. Purpose of MY Weltanschauung participating in the run was to collect funds for the "IRM-Ekspedisi Merdeka KL London Project for the setting-up of Libraries at 40 Orphanages in Malaysia".

Wearing the Nos C2223(in Green) I'd Initially just wanted to walk and finished the torture....but was carried away in the moment to run due to the atmosphere....i.e. Cameras, Photographers, Fire Engine short, paparazzi! TQ to supporters who turned up to cheer. I don't think I'd qualified within the time frame...but I was given a Certificate as well either due to MY being drenched with sweat or, the organisers had more leftover certificates for those in the Junior Veteran (Group C) category.

I would like to thank generous donors:-
1) Assoc. Prof. Habibah Wahab of USM.
2) Mr. Stephen Wong & Ms. Gina Tan of KL.
3) OP Adam Tham
4) Mimpi Muor Restaurant, Mutiara Damansara.
5) Miss Shireen Jasmin of Bkt. Damansara.
6) Mr. Mohd Faizal and M/S Hazelin & Associates of JB
7) Perfect Know-How Sdn Bhd & Leverage Consulting of PJ;
.......and, last but never the least,
8) Ms. Fariza Zakaria & Family.
.......and various other donors and supporters for pledges/donations made and encouragement/motivation given.

Total Collected as at time of posting is RM 1,102 + Set of Books.

It is envisaged that MY Weltanschauung next charity project will be to take part in a Walk/Run in support of the Genocide Remembrance Initiative-Malaysia (GRIM), Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) and Rumah Titian Kasih respectively.

Please register your pledges for MY Weltanschauung's future initiative(s) here(in the Comments Column) or, privately via e-mail ( to ). TQ.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Amirul! Keep up this good work for the betterment of humanity! bib

Anonymous said...

Bravo bro! Bravo!!!
Unsunkerable you did this 10km. Huhhh!
Appreciate your effort beb! Keep it up....

Thank you on behalf of IRM.

Azizi Hashim
Expedition Leader.


TQ Assoc. Prof. Habibah & IRM/1M Expedition Leader for your wishes and support.

Will initiate other charity run for other causes after this. Next project will be for Genocide Remembrance Initiative-Malaysia(GRIM), Malaysia Social Research Institute(MSRI) & Rumah Titian Kasih,KL.

RaYzeef said...

Congrats on completing the run, salute for your charity effort.

Keep it up:)


RaYzeef, TQVM for your well wishes. Hope to raise funds again by participating in another Run/Walk after Bomba Run( more than RM800 for IRM Library Project) & Orange Run (RM475 for GRIM).