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Saturday, June 26, 2010

OPA 2010 AGM - Some Suggestions for EXCO

I'd just attended the OPA AGM after missing last year's AGM as I was then attached to the Political & Security Co-operation Directorate of the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta. It was good to be back as I'd attended most of the AGMs since the turn of the millennium save for 2009.

Some turned up to get an update as to what's happening to/in RMC in view of the recent "media exposure". I would say that it was a rather "tame" affair compared to previous years' AGM. The comment of the AGM for me without any shadow of doubt should go to OP Ismail Ashaari - "....kita ni JANGAN jadi BODOH macam Bxxxxxx xxxxxxxL, benda dah elok tapi....". Everybody had a good laugh!

In the meantime, some suggestions from a Life Member(LMA 247) of the OPA since the mid 1990s who have also donated to the OPA:-

1) DONATION DRIVE for OPA Building & Education FUND
~ since it has been decided during the AGM to put up the list of donors on the walls of the OPA building, AGAIN...why not have another donation drive for those who wants their name to be on the wall for a minimum buy-in of say RM200-500. The names can also be "adjusted" to reflect a higher donation similar to what OPA does for the VIP tables during the Annual Dinner. Perhaps, past contributors might even want to "top-up" their donations to ensure a higher standing!!??

~ It is hoped that OPA President would implement permanent portfolio similar to Cabinet posts or Government Ministries.

~ Among suggested portfolios would be Legal, ICT, Building, Entrepreneurship & Networking, PR & Communications, Welfare & CSR, Special Projects.

~ the implementation of the posts should then go hand-in-hand with the implementation of the log book system whereby certain or important matters are logged and/or documents tracked.

~ Hence, an EXCO member might be in-charge of a few portfolios but the log books will be separated and well-documented for incoming EXCO members to act as their reference and ensure certain documents especially vis-a-via legal & finance do not enter for a want of a better word...the "Lombong Sg. Besi Zone".

3) SELL the OPA Building & BUY Premises all Over Malaysia

~ Selling the OPA Building will enable the OPA to buy at least 5-6units of RM1million 3-storey shoplots in all major towns namely Penang for the Northern Chapter, JB for the Southern Chapter, KT or Kuantan for the East Coast Chapter and of course for Sabah & Sarawak...not forgetting one for KL and perhaps Putrajaya. In addition, the OPA would then have around in the bank.

~ Apart from having multiple revenue streams and reducing OPA's single property(OPA Building) risks, having more premises would ensure that there are more activities organised involving a wider spectrum or myriad of ex-Puteras. Inadvertently, brand "OPA" or "Old Putera" will be enhanced around Malaysia.

~ The OPA should then set up a REIT to manage all their properties which would be self-funding anyway (provided the properties are tenanted on the Ground & 1st Floor..whilst the respective Chapter utilises the top floor.

~ It can even be envisaged that the proposed OPA REIT would one day have properties overseas...located where there is a number of OP expats or migrants.

4) In the event OPA do not sell the building and its anchor tenant moves out, SUGGEST the establishment of the following:-
A. Paid, Dining & Accommodation Services for Members and ex-Puteras;
B. Paid, Business Centre Services (similar to Virtual Offices set-up for new start-ups and/or SMEs).


Anonymous said...

On 26 June 2010 18:38, AbdGhani Binujang wrote:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته
Sdr Amir,

I like your Weltanschauung very much. WE as OPs are suppose to take up the responsibility to SERVE TO LEAD. I believe we should live up tom the Ra'ayat's expectations of us in particular. My disappointment is that MOST OPs don't see it the way I and now you see this.

Thank you so very much for speaking out for the Ra'ayat.

Ra'ayat didahulukan. Pencapaian diutamakan.

Barulah layak jadi OPs. Baru benar kita as OPs menghayatai motto


We have to measure up to this motto. Millions of RM of the RA'AYAT's money has been spent on us. Now is payback time. Kalau tidak samalah kita seperti UMNOPUTRA yang telah banyak melincungkan, menyesatkan kita dan menodai, mengsonglapkan sebahagian besar dari harta karun ra'ayat yang tak 'arif haq mereka.

3104 Abd Ghani Bin Ujang
'64-'65 H Company.


Always a pleasure when a person in authority responds to MY Weltanschauung postings. TQ OP Datuk Dr.

e-mail response from the OPA President on 27 June, 12:06am
Thanks Amirul. Will discuss your proposals at next Exco meeting. We have a lot of reorganizing and things to do on the plate. At least most outstanding matters are now settled and some have more specific suggestions to follow up. OP Termidzi