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Saturday, July 17, 2010

...Water Under the Bridge BUT the Waves(OIL) keeps lapping on the shores!

******* of Oil, WMD & the Coalition of the Willing (aka Genocide Coalition)!*******

When Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" a.k.a "GENOCIDE COALITION" ILLEGALLY invaded Iraq (with the support of Dogs named Blair, Howard & Aznar amongst others)under the pretext of looking for WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), the Genocide Coalition not only FAILED to find the intended WMD but caused WMD of a different kind i.e. they either Killed Iraqi Women and Men or Disabled them....thus creating a brand new meaning for the "search for WMD".

Hence, its scant justice when an oil spill courtesy of BRITISH Petroleum(BP) occurred off the coast of American shores, after all they did go to war for it under the pretext of "Search for WMD!". Poetic justice then when one of their trusted dogs' corporation delivered crude oil...FOC to their shores.

WHAT oil spill of the Gulf Coast!!!???? The Genocidist Bush administration went to war for it.....just embrace it.....after all, you went to war for it! SOW....and YOU shall REAP! Let the waves keep on lapping on the shores.

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e-mail comments, sent by an old banking friend at 6.07pm, 21st July 2010.
Well done!This is certainly World View and world class too.

Is it a coincidence that it happened in the Gulf of Mexico,the drifts towards US shorelines and the months to fix the leak despite the billions in US?

Latest chapter for BP is imminent new CEO and fire sales of US7 billions of assets to Apache?

Heaven has its way at the end of the day!Greater repayments would continue via escrow account in the years ahead and also the higher injustice that befalls on them for many decades to come!

Hence,this is akin to some PLCs;certain debts would be due and payable at a latter date in event that unreasonable practices were carried out earlier on."No Resekis".Deeds need to be noble and honourable.Actions have to be more sincere and without evil agendas.Besides water and waves,weather and wind can also play its unkind roles towards their subjects and intermediaries.

Marvellous effort within your tight schedule,bro.Extra F T ?Count Down to your Bigger Run!