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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night...Attended an award dinner at the Shangri-la Hotel,KL organised by Yayasan Patriotik Bangsa (YPB). Was seated at a table "purchased" for RM10,000.

The recipients of the YPB award were supposed to be Tuns Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Badawi & Lim Keng Yaik respectively.

However, much to the chagrin of the hosts......and certain segments of the audience...all 3 recipients didn't turn up!

Possibilities for the NO shows:-
  1. The former premiers cannot stand each other...YET! (see 2 August UPDATE below)

  2. YPB did not check the dates carefully prior to booking the function.

  3. Pure BAD luck!

2 August 2009 - UPDATE / INSERTION:

An Old friend whom I met during the dinner passed a remark as to why I didn't juxtaposed on the "dua harimau tidak boleh berada di atas satu bukit i.e. 2 tigers cannot be on the same hill" Comment made by the YPB Chairman i.e. Datuk Yazid Othman during his explanatory speech as to why the VIPs did NOT turn up!

To this, I can only pose to Datuk Yazid....
"betul ke ada 2 harimau atau sebenarnya ada 1 singa tua & 1 harimau 'jadian' ?

MY Weltanschauung 177sen worth:

YPB should write an apology letter to all corporate sponsors for the NO shows!

Considering RM10,000 was spent on the table...the lack of an usher to see us to the table or even a welcoming Committee is a bit bewildering. end a so-called Patriotic night with a Hindustan/Bollywood song....pergghh!

.....Chinese food was good though!


Anonymous said...

Wow...... These are all politician. I think the host did not do their job and poor planning.

Anonymous said...

Had an invitation to that dinner too, but it clashed with another event, so didn't go...


30 July 2009, 2230hrs
e-mail comment fm an old friend.

For once,I double-check the bill for 10000.Have you mistaken the amount in rupiah?Possibly or substantially contributed by KLCI.Moreover,part of the sum covers kuok Group 60 anniversary?Maybe,the other way round?

These days,isnt it common to produce either no show or plenty of shows?It is quite normal.Dont you think so?I think blaming is merely a lame excuse.Again,most people can see the big picture.Maybe,eye sights are a bit poor?I strongly believe that the basics are not in order?Malaysia sangat boleh?

Congratulations to this sort of businessman.I think he or she is pretty brilliant? TP can even provide better food plus door gifts if really in MR.However,TP is not likely to conduct this type of dinner;excessive profit or riba?

Anyway,it was still a wonderful evening;free ticket.More foods for thoughts in the days ahead?Back to health again.No indigestion yet?Sorry to remind you.Please dont forget that this tidy quantum can feed many mouths in Indonesia.Hopefully,not out of sight,out of mind conveniently?

Lately,I noticed that your worldviews especially this one lacks punch?Short of both Qs?Maybe,inadequate rest or sleep or still some flu effects?Meantime,I just hope that I have not put TP to sleep or cant sleep with this response.

Till then,may I suggest to hunt for some meals in rupiah and improve our performances all round soon.Regards to all.

PS: Old friend..FYI, posted the blog post as I felt sorry for the sponsor who I felt didn't get their money's worth!

To my old friend, next or next 2 postings will be more "kaw",.. Ahaks! Just wait.


30 July 2009, 2.19pm
fb comment fm an even older university friend.

lah... embarrassing nye... dan tak patriotik nye...


3 August 2009, 2304hrs
e-mail comment fm an old friend
who read the 2nd August UPDATE

Are you sure ;lion and tiger?KL is quite flat;no hill or mountain.We can co-exist easily.But when one gets old,one would comprehend some veneers in behaviour and characters?

Maybe the TUNs have different weights and need various types of chairs and tables?At least,in Lion view?Again,the organising committee has overlooked the basics?This is a bigger sin.Maybe,no show produces bigger headlines and no traffic jams?At the very least,TP has 2 worldviews or more.

Any worldview on Marches?Look forward to more worldviews on some current issues with your greater exposure and experiences now?We need more presences from you before you embark on your next sojourn.10000 dinner should help?

Your self locked-up is 1 week or 1 month?Need some more kicks-starts?Please plan your trip down early and lunch at Kpg Baru;another sort of shangri-la.

Till then,more events and changes even at the bank of interest?Regards.