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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Despite raising the alert level, I watch CNN with much bemusement on the reason why a travel ban was not imposed by the WHO i.e. "based on the SARS outbreak experience...the economic effects far outweighs the health/medical effects of a travel ban. "

WHO's non-imposition of a travel ban from affected countries is in stark contrast to the position taken by WHO during the SARS outbreak a few years back and crippled the economy of a few countries.

I plead to Malaysia & the ASEAN countries (who are supposed to be wiser after the SARS outbreak experience) to impose a travel ban to visitors from countries affected with Swine Flu/Mexican Flu(or whatever name U want to call it).......otherwise we would be opening the Pandora's box.

Moreover, why should we believe the WHO, the US and certain European countries whose economies are presently in a free-fall...with the down-side potential yet to be seen! Weren't they the ones adopting "the hollier than thou" attitude by criticizing the Asian/ASEAN countries in the 1998 financial crisis...but now they are the one's committing the same mistakes(...and a bit more) and magnifying it by 177times!

PLEASE don't be taken in by the argument given by WHO that the economic effects far outweighs the health/medical effects of a travel ban.
After all...notice the different spin coming from the West's mainstream media vis-a-vis "Mexican/Swine Flu - SARS Crisis" , "2008 Global Meltdown & 1998 Asian Financial Crisis" or even in sports i.e. "Hockey: Grass v. Astroturf pitch". In all cases, ASIANS have been hoodwinked / conned and emerged on the receiving end!

MY WELTANSCHAUUNG 177 sen Comments:
I sincerely hope that this won't come true BUT the non-imposition(as opposed to the travel ban during the SARS outbreak) of a travel ban from Swine Flu affected countries will come back to haunt us when the bodies starts piling up!

PS: I wonder...if the oubreak had originated from Asia, Africa or even South America - would a travel ban be imposed by per SARS outbreak!???