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Friday, January 16, 2009

TIME to ACT...OIC must RAISE an ARMY!!!...Ooops! SECURITY Detail

The ongoing GENOCIDE cum MASS MURDER alias MASSACRE a.k.a KILLING FIELDS taking place in Gaza with the full backing of genocide supporter cum murder cheerleader alias terrorist supporter i.e. USA should make the OIC realise how useless they are in defending the Muslim Ummah.

It is time to act in the best interest of the Ummah instead of individual OIC countries being "concerned with its' own parochial interest".

MY Weltanschauung salutes the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for expelling the Israel ambassador in protest over the Gaza invasion...quoting, " how far will this barbarism go?". THE SILENCE FROM THE ARABS IS DEAFENING!

Calls by Datuk Zahid Hamidi-Minister in Malaysia Prime Minister's Department for a peacekeeping force to be sent to Gaza and for an OIC peacekeeping force to be sent to future hot zones is NOT enough and temporal in nature.

To start the OIC "intifada" going, MY Weltanschauung suggest that a regimental strength Security Detail be established under the auspices of the OIC Security Secretariat. The task of the Security Detail can be as follows:-

  • Official / Ceremonial Duties (1 company)
    ~ main tasks of the Company is for Ceremonial purposes similar to Malaysia's 1RAMD (Kompeni Istiadat).
    ~ Ceremonial Company should Be based at OIC HQ in Jeddah.

  • Security (1 company)
    ~ main tasks is for VIP protection...similar to the US Secret Service, protection of OIC assets, conference or even help out during the annual haj pilgrimage.

  • Special Tasks (2 companies)
    ~ main tasks is for deployment at "hot zones" where OIC countries or Muslims are involved. We cannot just rely/trust on UN Peacekeepers....RECALL the Srebrenica Massacre which happened under the noses of the so-called UN peacekeepers(manned by the Dutch Armed Forces)

    ~The special tasks company can be based at Afghanistan and/or Somalia and deployed to help out with the security issues of the respective country. Deployment can be considered as an "on the job training".


less you forever be ridiculed by the World (Muslims and non-Muslims alike!)

as OIC ---OH! I SEE(pronounced "C")

...But U don't do anything!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

CHANGE(Hype) I DON'T Believe In......Obama Screws the Palestinians!!!

"...if somebody is sending rockets into my house,

where my 2 daughters sleep at night,

I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that

Barack Obama(B.O.)

Such shallow, 'on the surface' and superficial type of analysis is something I'd expected from Bush but not from B.O. Then again, the comments were made by BO last year and only recently shown by CNN(for reasons known only to CNN and their funders/backers)!

Based to a certain extent on this subtle comment re-highlighted by CNN and support from President-Elect B.O., Israel took it upon them to launch the Gaza Strip invasion.

The hype is starting to show.......nothing have changed. USA will still screw the PALESTINE of their birth rights in favour of their finance master Israel.


P.S: B.O. - What do you tell Palestinian Anwar Balousha who as a result of Israel atrocities had to bury 5 of his daughters aged 4, 8, 13, 14 & 17 respectively?

Would you then call him a terrorist for attacking Israel?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let the SHENANIGANS Begin (Malaysian Politics 201)....More for UMNO/BN to LOSE, than PAS/PR to WIN!

Definition of "Shenanigan" -

"Reckless or Malicious behaviour that causes discomfort or annoyance in others" (Princeton on-line definition)

Nomination Day is arriving soon. BN will be represented by ex-Senator Wan Ahmad Farid(ex-Dep. Home Minister) from UMNO & PR by Mohd Abdul Wahid(4 term Assemblyman) from PAS. A few independents are expected to be in the chase as well hoping to throw a spanner in the works but while he is 'adding some spice to the curry' is NOT expected to make much headway...the Shenanigans is about to start (if they have not already started!...rumours are swelling that certain independent candidate will be "bought")


By-election and how they spur the local K.T. economy in these troubled times!

Again LOCAL issues will decide the day despite attempts by the MSM to drum-up or concoct national issues. Local issues are issues like:-

  • Monsoon Cup & Crystal Mosque expenditure

  • PAS "being in bed" with DAP despite extreme ideological differences

  • Petroleum Royalty Payment

  • Hudud Law

  • Purchase of a fleet of Mercedes Benz for State EXCO's usage
  • The candidates themselves and "who they are aligned with" in their respective parties.

There are a few heavyweights with more to gain or lose; From UMNO : Soon to be anointed PM Najib, controversially appointed Terengganu MB & ex-Senator/Dep.Minister Wan Farid. From PAS it has to be Hadi Awang and those aligned to him like Mustafa Ali and Nasharuddin (i.e. the anti-Erdogan faction)

Gist of this by-election:-


than for PR/PAS to WIN"

PS: My first exposure to a By-election was at Ketari, Pahang in 2002. Things that can happen during a by-election is so jaw-dropping that it defies logic. As mentioned earlier, the only good thing in a by-election is the wealth that is redistributed. Wealth redistribution observed:-

  • a Deputy Division Head(now Division Head) from up north asking for the Burger Stall owner to finish up whatever stock he has so that he can go home early and get fresh supplies. When a Minister happen to pass by...he said, "saya menyampaikan sumbangan orang utara (I'm just delivering donation from people up north).

  • Football game played for 30minutes with the local youth. The youth were later given "expensive" prizes for participating.

  • an MB giving away Bicycles "sponsored" by Corporate Bodies

  • land titles being issued, roads being paved etc. etc.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1430H / 2009....Only CONSTANT is UNCERTAIN!

" You can fool SOME of the people ALL the time,

ALL the people SOME of the time

but NOT ALL the people ALL the time" ~Abe Lincoln~

Just came back from a wedding cum holiday up north (including Thailand). Things are bleak. Despite assurances by no less our DPM a few weeks back i.e. the economy is resilient, strong internal demand will ensure sustainability etc. etc...things are NOT what it seemed.

Based on qualitative interviews conducted on a random sample...the following were observed:-

  • In Penang, staff in the semi-conductor industry are facing "pay cuts" and "forced leave".
  • In Kulim, Kedah work in certain factory(ies) have reverted to "single shift". Elsewhere, on the outskirts of Alor Setar...a factory dealing with basic food neccesities will chalk-up losses in the millions if there is no government intervention.
  • In KL, "businesses are closing down"....I personally know 5 business owners who are in various stages of shutting down their businesses.
  • In Thailand, ...based on conversation with business owners in Padang Bezar, revenues and visitors have tumbled...compared to previous years

The "denial syndrome" or "everything is normal" statement have got to end. Concrete actions via stimulus packages, fiscal policy (BNM included) and the full gamut of initiatives available at the government's disposal have got to be utilised/undertaken BEFORE the slump worsens!

Let this be a Strong reminder to politicians(BN or PR) across the board - start doing what you are paid to do and what we elected you for vis-a-vis people's welfare......or else! One might just take a number and join the ranks of the unemployed!

Be Prepared for a NO-FRILLS & HARD WORK 2009! Happy New Year.

"A New Year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning,

Forget the Bad, Cherish the Good,

I Sincerely Wish You & Family a very Blessed New year Ahead!


~ received via SMS from my Bang Long in JB ~