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Monday, November 16, 2009

Inaugural Eminent Person Lecture Series - TDM, Attended!

" The SUN NEVER SETS on the British Empire,

Attended the Inaugural Eminent Person Lecture Series organised by my alma matter i.e. the Asia-Europe Institute(AEI-UM) at Nikko Hotel, KL. The guest speaker was none other than former premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and he gave a talk titled "ASIAN in the 21st Century ".

TDM was in his element and he shared his views on amongst others China, India & ASEAN . On Middle East, his thoughts are that they will never develop because after giving their respective greetings i.e. Salam or Shalom (both of which means peace)...they will then proceed to harm, attack and/or bomb each other

Overall, a morning well-spent!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IF, General Elections were to be held in Malaysia today -WHO Would You Vote for?


P.94 Hulu Selangor, Selangor by-election. MY Weltanschauung's Poll extended!

Bagan Pinang, NS by-election. MY Weltanschauung's Poll extended!

MY Weltanschauung have decided to extend the Poll conducted due to the just announced Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan by-elections. Prior to announcement & Update, 21 votes have been casted!

Please vote. TQ.

In conjunction with the Permatang Pasir by-elections, MY Weltanschauung is conducting a general poll to gauge the general sentiment of people on the ground i.e. the silent majority. The poll is titled " IF, a General Election were to be held in Malaysia today -WHO Would You Vote for? ".

The last political poll conducted by MY Weltanschauung was in February of this response to the Perak Constitutional crisis. The question asked - "Which Party Should Determine the Formation of the PERAK State Government? ". Poll was closed on 31st March 2009. The results...from 32votes cast are as follows:-

  • 01 (3%) - Palace/Sultan
  • 01 (3%) - BN
  • 02 (6%) - PR
  • 06 (18%) - Courts
  • 22 (68%) - Rakyat via Fresh Elections
Hence, it can be said that even though there are pockets of support for the 4 out of 5 different institutions involved in the plot...the silent majority prefers for fresh elections to be called!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Malaysians are's some POLITICIANS who are IDIOTS!

In Europe, the Annual SILLY season happens during Summer...normally, around June or July. The 1st August 2009 "ISA incident" ( peaceful march, constitutional protest, mob demonstration....depending on who you talk to ) has enabled her aspirations to become a developed nation by 2020, to narrow the "SiLLy" development gap to just about 1-2 months behind!

At a time when the world is in a severe economic downturn and as such focus should be on getting all Malaysians (...irrespective of Religion, Race or Sex ) safely through murky waters, the clowns ( both BN & PR politicians )...with the travelling circus in tow i.e. followers on both side of the political divide are acting like Somalis pirates.......hijacking ships (equals economic recovery) for their own personal political agenda!

Why MY Weltanschauung call some BN politicians IDIOTS :-
  • Peaceful Assembly ENSHRINED in Malaysian Constitution
    Notwithstanding qualifying clauses, Article 10 (b) states that:-

    " all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms "
  • Democracy Benchmark
    Protests happens in matured democracy like Washington, USA or London,UK
    and is credited with ending the Vietnam War and Poll Tax...amongst others!

  • Spending Stimulus
    Desperate times calls for revolutionary thinking! Malaysia's *foreign minister Anifah Aman comments vis-a-vis ASEAN approach towards Myanmar is a case in point! I would say having more protests actually stimulate the local economy by enriching the hawkers & petty traders...amongst others. This is because a protest is actually an EVENT.....and like most events, RM have to be spent!

" There are 3 types of LIES - Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics "

I do not know where the FT Minister( an alumni of the RMC ) got the figures of RM100-200m losses as a result of the "incident" would be interesting to see how the *FT minister qualifies his statement as compared to what an actuarist tabulates! I beg to differ with the FT Minister as I believe that well attended Protests actually adds value to the economy. Examples:-

  1. Increased TRANSPORTATION Spending
    - Toll, Petrol, Plane/Taxis/LRT/Bus fare and/or charter etc.

  2. Increased F & B Spending -

  3. Increased MERCHANDISE & Related Items Spending
    - T-Shirts, Caps, Badges, Posters, Newspapers etc.

  4. JOB CREATION & Increased SALARY
    - Overtime Pay and/or Allowances for Reporters, Security personnel, DBKL Cleaners etc

Why MY Weltanschauung call some PR politicians IDIOTIC:

  • Getting KIDS involved
    COWARDS get kids involved in their fight! ...but then again, in certain 'conflict' countries - kids are bearing arms.

MY Weltanschauung RM177 comments:

Najib's honeymoon is over!

at the end of the day, the ONLY person/body who came out of it with something is the Malaysian Police esp FRU who managed to get some practise after a long hiatus. After all ASEAN did not have the *ASEANAPOL-Police HQ in KL for no valid reason.

Perhaps it's time for a 3rd force in Politics
...something like the Liberal Democrats in UK!
Partai Kunci ( KEY Party )...ANYone???

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night...Attended an award dinner at the Shangri-la Hotel,KL organised by Yayasan Patriotik Bangsa (YPB). Was seated at a table "purchased" for RM10,000.

The recipients of the YPB award were supposed to be Tuns Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Badawi & Lim Keng Yaik respectively.

However, much to the chagrin of the hosts......and certain segments of the audience...all 3 recipients didn't turn up!

Possibilities for the NO shows:-
  1. The former premiers cannot stand each other...YET! (see 2 August UPDATE below)

  2. YPB did not check the dates carefully prior to booking the function.

  3. Pure BAD luck!

2 August 2009 - UPDATE / INSERTION:

An Old friend whom I met during the dinner passed a remark as to why I didn't juxtaposed on the "dua harimau tidak boleh berada di atas satu bukit i.e. 2 tigers cannot be on the same hill" Comment made by the YPB Chairman i.e. Datuk Yazid Othman during his explanatory speech as to why the VIPs did NOT turn up!

To this, I can only pose to Datuk Yazid....
"betul ke ada 2 harimau atau sebenarnya ada 1 singa tua & 1 harimau 'jadian' ?

MY Weltanschauung 177sen worth:

YPB should write an apology letter to all corporate sponsors for the NO shows!

Considering RM10,000 was spent on the table...the lack of an usher to see us to the table or even a welcoming Committee is a bit bewildering. end a so-called Patriotic night with a Hindustan/Bollywood song....pergghh!

.....Chinese food was good though!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

EVENING with RMC COMMANDANT....MY W's 177 Remarks/Suggestions!


For the FIRST TIME ever for MY Weltanschauung blog.....a person of Authority responded to my Comments/Suggestions on 4th August(1200 & 1817hours).
However,I am not at liberty to publish both responses!
Suffice to say, both responses managed to elucidate the author on RMC's status.


Wasalam & Best Regards.

Friday night - I attended my 2nd function after coming back from my internship with the Political & Security Co-operation Directorate of the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta.

Nice to be back at the OPA Penthouse....... after 3months and missing my 1st OPA Dinner since the new millennium! In Attendance, were around 40 OPs...Some old faces, some new faces(nice to put a face to OP Mike Naser, who is quite active in the RMC e-list).......and a Jakarta friend(OP CA) in tow!

The present RMC Commandant started the ball rolling by briefing all present of the current and proposed future development of RMC's new RM100million campus. It seems that the present RMC land have been transferred to the MOHE.

What piqued me the most were the following remarks:-

  • by the OPA President i.e. OP Maj. Gen(Rtd) Datuk Paduka Dr. Termidzi

" can RMC capitalise on being the ONLY school/college located in a university campus!? "

  • by an OP Dr. who just came back from UK (CA's batch mate)

" the end of the day, it's NOT the quantity of Puteras we churn out
but, rather the QUALITY.
I'd rather have 50 quality OPs rather than 500 questionable ones "

MY Weltanschauung 431177 Suggestions:

  • with the recent brouhaha over english as a teaching medium, Change RMC into an english medium college...thus ensuring its distinctiveness & competitiveness!

  • apart from General Leadership Training emphasis should also be given to specific soft skills training like presentation, debate, negotiations, etiquette mutatis-mutandis

  • Convert the old Cadet Wing into a RMC Museum cum Hall of Fame + incorporate a RMC Hotel & Training Centre for sustainability....after all WEST POINT, New York have a hotel!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

...from RED RED WUSSES/SISSIES...(RED devils renamed) - the latest "WUSSES/SISSIES" in ASIA!

Jakarta Bombers 3 - 0 JAKARTA, INDONESIA!

( NO Thanks to the red WUSSES/SISSIES)

Definition of "WUSS":
Princeton : " a person who is physically weak & ineffectual", noun : " a person regarded as weak or timid especially as unmanly ", noun - slang

Having stayed in Jakarta for some months and having observed the marketing blitz to promote the 20th July match between the Indonesian team and the red WUSS (formerly known as Red DEVILS), the decision by MANCHESTER UNITED to call off their match is utterly disappointing and a dastardly cowardly act!

After all, the former RED DEVILS ( now renamed the RED WUSS ) is coming to pluck a share of the Indonesian economic pie. Don't they realise that apart from ECONOMIC Ramifications there are also POLITICAL Repercussions of their decision to cancel their match! Whilst the economic ramifications are obvious and can be quantified, the political repercussions are intangible and might be difficult for them....... to comprehend things like moral victory for the bombers, the need to show support & solidarity with victims of a terrorist attack etc. etc. mutatis mutandis!

For all I care, the Jakarta bombers missed their target by a few days....Red WUSS(formerly known as RED DEVILS) were supposed to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Talk about spineless prima-donnas!

MY RM177 Comment/ 177 Rupiah Ngobrol:

NEVER thought I'll say this but the Malaysian Football Team have more heart and soul than the cowardly wusses/sissies who call themselves the red devils!

But then again perhaps the former colonialists are cursed into being ASSinine+stupid & cowards+yellow by their former colonies due to the atrocities committed by them.


(1) BRITISH: In 1941, Guns were facing the wrong way i.e. towards the sea. The Japanese invaders just came in through the backdoor via Johore! Just imagine, a nation who pride themselves of Cambridge, Oxford, Sandhurst & the phrase " the sun NEVER sets on the British Empire" were so ASSinine (actual spelling is with 1 's' but I prefer 2 'S's as it drives home my point) in their planning!

(2) DUTCH: For all their history of colonising people like the Indonesians, the Dutch Army just allowed/looked-on while the Srebrenica massacre took place. And to add insult to bloody murder, they were wearing the BLUE BERETS of the UNITED NATIONS!

Friday, July 17, 2009

INDONESIA.......the 4th NATION, worked!

Indonesia is the 4th country i've actually "worked" in. The other 3 were the UK, Philippines and of course...Malaysia!

7 things I liked about Indonesia:-
  • NOT having to wait for taxis.

  • CHEAP Services e.g. Haircut, Shoe repairs by a Cobbler, Reflexology massage etc.


  • One's patronage at most establishment are really valued/appreciated!

  • RANGE of Choices to suit one's budget...from dead cheap to extremely extravagant.

  • Spending around 1million Rupiah per month for a shared Room(Rumah Kos) with laundry & ironing thrown in!

  • CREATIVE, elections!

Summary of my exposure:-

INDONESIA (the 4th NATION): Internship programme at the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta. Attached to the Political & Security Co-operation Directorate under Mr. Termsak. APSC is one of the 3 pillars of the ASEAN community. May - July 2009.

I like to dedicate the song "BERITA KEPADA KAWAN" ( ) to all my Indonesian friends. I find this song so apt to describe much potential and resources whilst at the same time so much sufferings!

PHILIPPINES (the 3rd STATE): Attached to NDT, Manila and went to PETRON Depot, Sasa City, Mindanao. Mindanao was my first ever experience in a 'conflict' area...skirmishes were taking place at Cotabato. What an be 'working' with one's back to the beautiful sea and experiencing cool sea breeze whilst surrounded by guards with guns & machine guns watching anxiously! Never been back to Mindanao, since.

United Kingdom the second Country (1991-1994)! As a student...mainly menial labour! Dish-Washer, General Cleaner, Kitchen Assistant, Cook & Head Cook. My main employer was Kelly's and Salina's German Coffeehouse in Sheffield.

Also did small-scale businesses...mainly food-related.

MALAYSIA (HOME COUNTRY). 1st Paid Job was as a Shop Assistant when I was 8-9years old...1st official Job - at Shangri-la Hotel, KL after my SPM. Other organisations included A&W, Athlete's World, EON Finance(EON Bank Group), UNISYS MSC...where I was attached to the PM's Department at the newly completed Putrajaya administrative city in 2000-2001, Perfect Know-How & Araf Vektor.

MY RM177 Comment / 177 Rupiah Ngobrol:

Having stayed in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung & addition to Bali in 1996) - but NOT as a tourist, I'd learnt to appreciate Malaysia more. INDONESIA for me is a SLEEPING GIANT, much potential...if only they can get their act together!

PS: This posting was supposed to appear before I went to Jakarta....BUT due to security reason(s) namely not wanting others to know of my absence, only NOW is the posting made!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PILPRES INDONESIA (Presidential Elections)

Tomorrow...Wednesday, 8th July 2009 is D-DAY for the more than 238million Indonesians!
It is the Presidential Elections ( commonly referred to here as "PILPRES" ).

The next President will lead Indonesia from 2009-2014.

Will the existing President SBY prevail?...or, his predecessor Ibu Megawati ...or, will GOLKAR lead Indonesia again with the current Wapres(Wakil Presiden i.e. Vice-President) Jusuf Kalla?


( Aspiring Candidates )

( sample of the Ballot paper )

Having arrived in May for my internship at the ASEAN Secretariat-Jakarta (ASEC) , the campaigning was an eye-opener for me as it allows me to compare the campaigning style of 2 different yet similar country/culture i.e. Malaysia and Indonesia.

Indonesia is the 3rd country (after Malaysia & UK) where I'm observing elections....surprisingly I first voted NOT in Malaysia but in the UK and campaigned in Sheffield for the Liberal Democrats (...for the simple fact that Paddy Ashdown used to serve in Malaysia).

Hence, some personal (NOT as ASEC rep.) observations:

  • Only 2 countries in ASEAN chose their President/PM direct...the other being Philippines.

  • Almost equal Coverage on TV for the 3 aspiring candidates...( Malaysia MUST Learn ). Point to Note: Voter Education programmes (i.e. how to vote, exercise your rights...blah,blah,blah) are partly sponsored by Japan/Japanese NGOs.

  • Official campaigning ended on Saturday i.e. 4days before actual elections. On Sunday, banners, posters etc. started/have to be removed...I suppose its to give voters time to reflect - FREE of external influences!

  • Malaysia's ruling(federal) coalition is referred to as Barisan Nasional. Indonesia has a party called BARNAS (short for Barisan Nasional).

  • Usage of ink to ensure that voters DO NOT vote twice.

  • ...and in a compromise(despite a court ruling re the electoral register) to ensure the elections proceed - voters who are not registered/listed in the electoral roll, can vote at the last hour before the polling stations are closed! GO FIGURE!

Some comparisons:

  • Extensive use of paraphernalia like banners, posters etc. in Indonesia & Malaysia, whereas in UK...its usage is considered minimal.

  • Supporters of contenders will go around treating people at certain places. e.g. in Kebayoran Baru(where I'm staying), certain factions will go around saying "this treat is on us...more to come,if we win". Same goes for Malaysia...reminds me of Ketari, Pahang by-election ...amongst others!

  • Almost Equal coverage of contenders in TV media in UK(at least where Labour & Conservative parties are concerned) and Indonesia.......but not in Malaysia.
Based on the feedbacks I get in Jakarta(mainly from taxi drivers, food stall operators & public at large) & to a lesser extent Bandung will be a contest between SBY-Boediono & JK-Wiranto. Ibu Mega seemed to be setting-up Prabowo for the next Presidential bid in 2014...aah! Politics...who would have thought that Bung Karno's daughter would ever team-up with Pak Suharto's former son-in-law!!??

My 177Rupiah Ngobrol(Comment):

The election is a fight between the PAST , PRESENT and a wannabe FUTURE.

I forecast GREAT THINGS happening in Indonesia...if, they chose right!

I would think that the SBY-Boediono ticket will win handsomely....but, then again so did BN in the 12th General Elections held in 2008!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ASEAN in need of a HIGH IMPACT Branding Project!

UPDATE: June 2009,"The Jakarta Globe"

2015 is the D-Day for the creation of an ASEAN Community. However, Talk to the food stall operators operating around the ASEAN Secretariat and chances are they won't know what ASEAN stands for apart from it i.e. Gedung ASEAN being some sort of a diplomatic place.

It's time therefore for ASEAN to embark on a high impact branding exercise to ensure that ASEAN citizens can relate to being part of ASEAN and the "One Vision, One Identity, One Community" slogan. Just having an ASEAN anthem, ASEAN logo on declaration forms and general capacity building exercises......DOES NOT cut it anymore!

Hence, where better to start than from SPACE...the final frontier i.e. by having an ASEAN Satelite for Monitoring Purposes programme. It is with this motive in mind that a similarly titled Policy Paper was proposed and submitted to the ASEAN Secretariat(ASEC) during my Internship Programme at the ASEC.

The advent of an ASEAN Satellite for Monitoring Purposes will not only endear ASEAN citizens to ASEAN if promoted and marketed right but, more importantly it can be used to monitor/address non-traditional security issues like:-

  • Natural Disasters e.g. Asian Tsunami & Huricane Nargis

  • Trans-border Haze

  • Piracy and other Maritime Issues like Illegal Fishing
    and Overlapping Teritorial Claims ( South China Sea & Ambalat )

  • Overlapping Airspace Control issues
    ( Johore-Malaysia & Singapore and Singapore & Batam-Indonesia )

Countries with a Comparative Advantage(CA) in Satellite Technology are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. By virtue of having an Astronaut(Angkasawan) programme...Malaysia, should seize the initiative and further expand the workings of the SCOSA - Sub Committe on Space Technology & Applications!

(Clockwise from Top Right: Fauziah Jalil, Myself, Azrul Shahreen, Muhammad Rum & Zokhri Idris. Not in pict. Zikry Kholil).

Fauziah Jalil & I proposed the Satellite Policy Paper Proposal whilst Azrul, Rum, Zokhri and Zikry(not in pict) proposed a Monitoring Mechanism for the Myanmar elections.

Thank you to Mr.Dhannan Sunoto (Director,Cross Sectoral Co-operation), Ms.Adelina Kamal(ADR/Head-Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance) & Mr. Alexander Lim(ADR/Head-Science & Technology) for consenting to grant an interview with my team and for the valuable inputs. Our heartfelt thanks is also extended to Ms.Gayatri Probosasi (Special Officer to ASEAN Sec-Gen & Strategic Planning) for helping us with the structure and format of our proposal!
Not forgetting,the ever wonderful Miss Arlene Taulu for making things happen for us.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Despite raising the alert level, I watch CNN with much bemusement on the reason why a travel ban was not imposed by the WHO i.e. "based on the SARS outbreak experience...the economic effects far outweighs the health/medical effects of a travel ban. "

WHO's non-imposition of a travel ban from affected countries is in stark contrast to the position taken by WHO during the SARS outbreak a few years back and crippled the economy of a few countries.

I plead to Malaysia & the ASEAN countries (who are supposed to be wiser after the SARS outbreak experience) to impose a travel ban to visitors from countries affected with Swine Flu/Mexican Flu(or whatever name U want to call it).......otherwise we would be opening the Pandora's box.

Moreover, why should we believe the WHO, the US and certain European countries whose economies are presently in a free-fall...with the down-side potential yet to be seen! Weren't they the ones adopting "the hollier than thou" attitude by criticizing the Asian/ASEAN countries in the 1998 financial crisis...but now they are the one's committing the same mistakes(...and a bit more) and magnifying it by 177times!

PLEASE don't be taken in by the argument given by WHO that the economic effects far outweighs the health/medical effects of a travel ban.
After all...notice the different spin coming from the West's mainstream media vis-a-vis "Mexican/Swine Flu - SARS Crisis" , "2008 Global Meltdown & 1998 Asian Financial Crisis" or even in sports i.e. "Hockey: Grass v. Astroturf pitch". In all cases, ASIANS have been hoodwinked / conned and emerged on the receiving end!

MY WELTANSCHAUUNG 177 sen Comments:
I sincerely hope that this won't come true BUT the non-imposition(as opposed to the travel ban during the SARS outbreak) of a travel ban from Swine Flu affected countries will come back to haunt us when the bodies starts piling up!

PS: I wonder...if the oubreak had originated from Asia, Africa or even South America - would a travel ban be imposed by per SARS outbreak!???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kj WON but, did UMNO lose?

" UMNO youth results. what are your thots? "
(SMS rcvd from 012-7-----8, 26 March)

" They blew up the chance to clean up pemuda, that beruk is a liability "
(SMS rcvd from 012-2-----9 at 0032hours, 26 March)

"Fuck! KJ MENang Doh! Ah haram tipu F uck! "
(SMS rcvd from 017-3-----4 at 2329hours, 25 March)

Did UMNO lose? OR, is it just my circle of grumpy middle-aged, sore loser friends!

My 177sen thoughts:-
  • Innocent until proven guilty...a MERE WARNING does not suffice!

  • NEVER underestimate the "power of RM" during troubled times!

  • Congratulations is in order despite being left for dead in the aftermath of the 12th General Elections.

P.S. Congratulations to Zaki Zahid -9th=446votes
(MC/Introducer during my Wedding reception at Tabung Haji, 1996).
Also to Tg. Azman -8th=455votes (my senior in RMC).
Commiserations to Akhramsyah Sanusi-41st=161votes (my 'brother-in-law')
...try again Bro!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Perak Update!!! By-Election in Bukit Gantang Parliamentary Seat

UPDATE(2.58pm, Malaysian Time):
As MY Weltanschauung is conducting the on-line poll, Roslan Shaharum, MP for Bukit Gantang pass away suddenly today. By-election will be held soon.

Salam TAKZIAH to the family of Allahyarham Roslan Shaharum. "Semoga ALLAH S.W.T. mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham"

I guess, an indirect Referendum is coming soon to Perak D.R.

PLEASE VOTE.......Am Conducting A Poll

VIP Friends and Readers,

MY Weltanschauung is conducting 2 Polls.

The 1st poll is to make sense of the present political turmoil and constitutional crisis in Perak D.R. and to get a feel of the "mood on the ground" or the "silent majority" thoughts.
"Who do YOU THINK should DECIDE the formation of state government in Perak". Is it:-
  • Palace/Sultan

  • Barisan Nasional (BN)

  • Pakatan Rakyat (PR)

  • Courts

  • Rakyat via FRESH ELECTIONS

Since Perak is the "in" state now and bearing in mind of the Pangkor Treaty (Perjanjian Pangkor) in 1874 whereby Sultan Abdullah accepted the first British resident adviser i.e. J.W.Birch....... The 2nd poll is more of a trip down memory lane and your reflections of how you perceived history . Do you think that British Colonialism in Malaya was:-

  • Good

  • Neutral

  • Bad

  • Ugly

  • No Comments

Appreciate your kind indulgence to inform family, friends and colleagues of this poll.

Thank you for your kind participation.

Friday, January 16, 2009

TIME to ACT...OIC must RAISE an ARMY!!!...Ooops! SECURITY Detail

The ongoing GENOCIDE cum MASS MURDER alias MASSACRE a.k.a KILLING FIELDS taking place in Gaza with the full backing of genocide supporter cum murder cheerleader alias terrorist supporter i.e. USA should make the OIC realise how useless they are in defending the Muslim Ummah.

It is time to act in the best interest of the Ummah instead of individual OIC countries being "concerned with its' own parochial interest".

MY Weltanschauung salutes the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for expelling the Israel ambassador in protest over the Gaza invasion...quoting, " how far will this barbarism go?". THE SILENCE FROM THE ARABS IS DEAFENING!

Calls by Datuk Zahid Hamidi-Minister in Malaysia Prime Minister's Department for a peacekeeping force to be sent to Gaza and for an OIC peacekeeping force to be sent to future hot zones is NOT enough and temporal in nature.

To start the OIC "intifada" going, MY Weltanschauung suggest that a regimental strength Security Detail be established under the auspices of the OIC Security Secretariat. The task of the Security Detail can be as follows:-

  • Official / Ceremonial Duties (1 company)
    ~ main tasks of the Company is for Ceremonial purposes similar to Malaysia's 1RAMD (Kompeni Istiadat).
    ~ Ceremonial Company should Be based at OIC HQ in Jeddah.

  • Security (1 company)
    ~ main tasks is for VIP protection...similar to the US Secret Service, protection of OIC assets, conference or even help out during the annual haj pilgrimage.

  • Special Tasks (2 companies)
    ~ main tasks is for deployment at "hot zones" where OIC countries or Muslims are involved. We cannot just rely/trust on UN Peacekeepers....RECALL the Srebrenica Massacre which happened under the noses of the so-called UN peacekeepers(manned by the Dutch Armed Forces)

    ~The special tasks company can be based at Afghanistan and/or Somalia and deployed to help out with the security issues of the respective country. Deployment can be considered as an "on the job training".


less you forever be ridiculed by the World (Muslims and non-Muslims alike!)

as OIC ---OH! I SEE(pronounced "C")

...But U don't do anything!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

CHANGE(Hype) I DON'T Believe In......Obama Screws the Palestinians!!!

"...if somebody is sending rockets into my house,

where my 2 daughters sleep at night,

I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that

Barack Obama(B.O.)

Such shallow, 'on the surface' and superficial type of analysis is something I'd expected from Bush but not from B.O. Then again, the comments were made by BO last year and only recently shown by CNN(for reasons known only to CNN and their funders/backers)!

Based to a certain extent on this subtle comment re-highlighted by CNN and support from President-Elect B.O., Israel took it upon them to launch the Gaza Strip invasion.

The hype is starting to show.......nothing have changed. USA will still screw the PALESTINE of their birth rights in favour of their finance master Israel.


P.S: B.O. - What do you tell Palestinian Anwar Balousha who as a result of Israel atrocities had to bury 5 of his daughters aged 4, 8, 13, 14 & 17 respectively?

Would you then call him a terrorist for attacking Israel?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let the SHENANIGANS Begin (Malaysian Politics 201)....More for UMNO/BN to LOSE, than PAS/PR to WIN!

Definition of "Shenanigan" -

"Reckless or Malicious behaviour that causes discomfort or annoyance in others" (Princeton on-line definition)

Nomination Day is arriving soon. BN will be represented by ex-Senator Wan Ahmad Farid(ex-Dep. Home Minister) from UMNO & PR by Mohd Abdul Wahid(4 term Assemblyman) from PAS. A few independents are expected to be in the chase as well hoping to throw a spanner in the works but while he is 'adding some spice to the curry' is NOT expected to make much headway...the Shenanigans is about to start (if they have not already started!...rumours are swelling that certain independent candidate will be "bought")


By-election and how they spur the local K.T. economy in these troubled times!

Again LOCAL issues will decide the day despite attempts by the MSM to drum-up or concoct national issues. Local issues are issues like:-

  • Monsoon Cup & Crystal Mosque expenditure

  • PAS "being in bed" with DAP despite extreme ideological differences

  • Petroleum Royalty Payment

  • Hudud Law

  • Purchase of a fleet of Mercedes Benz for State EXCO's usage
  • The candidates themselves and "who they are aligned with" in their respective parties.

There are a few heavyweights with more to gain or lose; From UMNO : Soon to be anointed PM Najib, controversially appointed Terengganu MB & ex-Senator/Dep.Minister Wan Farid. From PAS it has to be Hadi Awang and those aligned to him like Mustafa Ali and Nasharuddin (i.e. the anti-Erdogan faction)

Gist of this by-election:-


than for PR/PAS to WIN"

PS: My first exposure to a By-election was at Ketari, Pahang in 2002. Things that can happen during a by-election is so jaw-dropping that it defies logic. As mentioned earlier, the only good thing in a by-election is the wealth that is redistributed. Wealth redistribution observed:-

  • a Deputy Division Head(now Division Head) from up north asking for the Burger Stall owner to finish up whatever stock he has so that he can go home early and get fresh supplies. When a Minister happen to pass by...he said, "saya menyampaikan sumbangan orang utara (I'm just delivering donation from people up north).

  • Football game played for 30minutes with the local youth. The youth were later given "expensive" prizes for participating.

  • an MB giving away Bicycles "sponsored" by Corporate Bodies

  • land titles being issued, roads being paved etc. etc.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1430H / 2009....Only CONSTANT is UNCERTAIN!

" You can fool SOME of the people ALL the time,

ALL the people SOME of the time

but NOT ALL the people ALL the time" ~Abe Lincoln~

Just came back from a wedding cum holiday up north (including Thailand). Things are bleak. Despite assurances by no less our DPM a few weeks back i.e. the economy is resilient, strong internal demand will ensure sustainability etc. etc...things are NOT what it seemed.

Based on qualitative interviews conducted on a random sample...the following were observed:-

  • In Penang, staff in the semi-conductor industry are facing "pay cuts" and "forced leave".
  • In Kulim, Kedah work in certain factory(ies) have reverted to "single shift". Elsewhere, on the outskirts of Alor Setar...a factory dealing with basic food neccesities will chalk-up losses in the millions if there is no government intervention.
  • In KL, "businesses are closing down"....I personally know 5 business owners who are in various stages of shutting down their businesses.
  • In Thailand, ...based on conversation with business owners in Padang Bezar, revenues and visitors have tumbled...compared to previous years

The "denial syndrome" or "everything is normal" statement have got to end. Concrete actions via stimulus packages, fiscal policy (BNM included) and the full gamut of initiatives available at the government's disposal have got to be utilised/undertaken BEFORE the slump worsens!

Let this be a Strong reminder to politicians(BN or PR) across the board - start doing what you are paid to do and what we elected you for vis-a-vis people's welfare......or else! One might just take a number and join the ranks of the unemployed!

Be Prepared for a NO-FRILLS & HARD WORK 2009! Happy New Year.

"A New Year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning,

Forget the Bad, Cherish the Good,

I Sincerely Wish You & Family a very Blessed New year Ahead!


~ received via SMS from my Bang Long in JB ~