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Sunday, February 2, 2014

177 Masjid / Surau Target

One of the better childhood memories I had with my late father i.e. Haji Mohamad and which I tend to remember on a weekly basis is that whenever possible on Friday he'll come back and take me to go for friday prayers...Normally, we'll go to pray either at Masjid Kawasan Melayu (now rebuild) near Old Town,PJ or just up the road from our PJ house at Jalan Universiti i.e Masjid Kolej Islam (Section 16 PJ). Sometimes we'll go Section 14 or even the National Mosque.

After that, he'll treat me or My brother and I for briyani lunch. What's so special about Briyani may ask? Well in Those days in the 70s and early 80s, restaurants will only cook briyani either on Fridays or Fridays and weekends.

As such part of my 1435 Hijrah resolution is to pray in as many different mosque as possible with my family and especially my son.

Target is 177 Masjid and/or Surau.

As of to-date, ONLY 18 achieved in 3 countries. Another 159 to go.
Note: There are a few others in KL, Selangor but I can't recall where exactly.


KL  @2
1. 02/02/2014 - Masjid Negara, Zuhur
2. 31/01/2014 - Masjid At-Taqwa, TTDI - KL. Friday

Selangor  @3
1. - Surau Mutiara Damansara - PJ.
2. Masjid Seksyen 14 - PJ.
3. Masjid KLIA - Sepang

Negeri Sembilan  @3
1. Masjid Negeri - Seremban.
2. Surau KTK  Lama - Seremban
3. Surau KTK Baru - Bandar ENSTEK 

 Melaka @1
1. Masjid Kesang?? - Jasin
 Pulau Pinang @1
1. 12/2013 - Masjid Jamek??? - Jln. Mcallister - Friday


Al Ain
1. 12/2013 - Masjid UAE Unversity. Zuhur, Asar & Maghrib
2. 12/2013 - ???. Friday
Abu Dhabi
1. 12/2013 - Grand Mosque. Zuhur


1. Masjidil Haram
2. Masjid Hudaibiah (for  Miqat)
3. Masjid ??? (for Miqat)

1. Masjid Nabawi
2. Masjid Quba

7 August. Masjid Kg. Gajah, PERAK.