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Saturday, December 31, 2011

of " BOLEH BEEF", Bersih & Halal Certfication!

2011, a Global brand is created...the "BOLEH BEEF".

The World-renowned beef brand is KOBE Beef and to a lesser extent BALI Beef!!!
Even Kobe Beef which is famous for its massages, beer-fed cow and air-conditioned living can't beat beef reared in Condos & delivered via the iconic Mercedes Benz. A No-brainer, BOLEH BEEF will win hands down!!!

The Boleh Beef launch came after a month long campaign for the masses called BERSIH.
Have yet to see the Halal-certificate though!

Friday, October 7, 2011

2 Decades of Friendship. Have a GOOD LAUGH, on the HOUSE.

A good friend of over 2 decades since A-Levels and now an Author who happens to be a Lawyer wrote a post on his blog titled "Friends & Mothers - 2 decades of love, loyalty and compassion ".

Have a Good Laugh on the House by Reading:-

The Sinners Almanac

Cheers TK.