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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Malaysian CHESS Politics!

( KLCA - An affiliate of the Malaysian Chess Federation )

My Weltanschauung on Malaysian Chess:

Despite Ramadhan or rather in spite of it, lobbying for positions in the upcoming MCF elections have moved up a notch. I've no idea when the elections will be held as there are no Announcements or Notice(s) by MCF to affiliates to that effect but presumably the 2015 MCF AGM and elections will be held after Raya and on/before 31/12/2014 though I've heard it might even be next week to take people by surprise!

The field is starting to take shape and depending on who you talk to it will be a No-Contest, straight fight between Incumbent and Challenger, a 3-cornered fight or even a crowded field of four contenders. How I wish there is a "Joker in the Pack" ala UK's Monster Raving Loony Party which some of my university students voted for when I was in the UK which would add some laughter to the whole process. I guess despite being rated 5th in ASEAN ahead of Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Thailand and Timor Leste but behind Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and even Myanmar coupled with the fact that Malaysia do not not have a GM (only 2-3 "active" IMs) chess must be serious business for its stakeholders.

Having used to many "grassroots" elections since student days, I am disappointed by the lack of a manifesto or proposed development commitment by any of the contenders to-date which indicates the level of disdain they have for stakeholders of the game. Therefore, its no surprises how the votes will be secured, most probably via alliances and "Mamak Deals"!

My Best Wishes to All and Any contending. Please compete on your positive chess credentials i.e. What your Goodsel(ves) and your team have done for chess in Malaysia rather than a negative "whisper or poison-pen" campaign. My only doa is that the contender who did the most for chess development in Malaysia should win.

As a character in P.Ramlee's Ali Baba said - "...Mari Kita Tengok Siapa Yang Kena!? "