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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've just finished a course on Malaysian Politics taught by Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian from USM. My group had to make 2 presentations and we presented on:-

  • "Bracing for Malaysia's Future: post-Mahathir, 2002" and,

  • "Selection of Candidates in Election: A Comparative Study between 2 Political Parties in Malaysia - UMNO & PAS"....Our heartfelt thanks go to Tan Sri Sanusi Junid & Haji Ishak Surin for giving us the interviews and providing us with valuable insights as to how their respective candidates are selected and the process flow.

After the course, I went around asking my classmates(especially the international students) as to what they will remember on Malaysian politics or, what their conclusion will be.

Some of their frank responses:-

1) There's more action and drama in Malaysian politics as compared to European politics...(in Europe, calling a politician a homosexual will not have its desired effect. However, parading matresses is something else!)

2) The incarcenation of nonsense...We have the same SHIT where I come from!
3) Hussein Onn is the most brilliant Malaysian PM.......he choose Mahathir!

4) Anwar Ibrahim is an he was accussed of being involved in unnatural sex when the building is not in existence(before the prosecution amended the charge). Therefore, he must have WINGS which only angels have!

5) The European political parties should sent delegations to Malaysia for study visits/in-depth study so as to create more excitement for the average observer.

Refreshing answers.....GO FIGURE!

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