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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Malaysians are's some POLITICIANS who are IDIOTS!

In Europe, the Annual SILLY season happens during Summer...normally, around June or July. The 1st August 2009 "ISA incident" ( peaceful march, constitutional protest, mob demonstration....depending on who you talk to ) has enabled her aspirations to become a developed nation by 2020, to narrow the "SiLLy" development gap to just about 1-2 months behind!

At a time when the world is in a severe economic downturn and as such focus should be on getting all Malaysians (...irrespective of Religion, Race or Sex ) safely through murky waters, the clowns ( both BN & PR politicians )...with the travelling circus in tow i.e. followers on both side of the political divide are acting like Somalis pirates.......hijacking ships (equals economic recovery) for their own personal political agenda!

Why MY Weltanschauung call some BN politicians IDIOTS :-
  • Peaceful Assembly ENSHRINED in Malaysian Constitution
    Notwithstanding qualifying clauses, Article 10 (b) states that:-

    " all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms "
  • Democracy Benchmark
    Protests happens in matured democracy like Washington, USA or London,UK
    and is credited with ending the Vietnam War and Poll Tax...amongst others!

  • Spending Stimulus
    Desperate times calls for revolutionary thinking! Malaysia's *foreign minister Anifah Aman comments vis-a-vis ASEAN approach towards Myanmar is a case in point! I would say having more protests actually stimulate the local economy by enriching the hawkers & petty traders...amongst others. This is because a protest is actually an EVENT.....and like most events, RM have to be spent!

" There are 3 types of LIES - Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics "

I do not know where the FT Minister( an alumni of the RMC ) got the figures of RM100-200m losses as a result of the "incident" would be interesting to see how the *FT minister qualifies his statement as compared to what an actuarist tabulates! I beg to differ with the FT Minister as I believe that well attended Protests actually adds value to the economy. Examples:-

  1. Increased TRANSPORTATION Spending
    - Toll, Petrol, Plane/Taxis/LRT/Bus fare and/or charter etc.

  2. Increased F & B Spending -

  3. Increased MERCHANDISE & Related Items Spending
    - T-Shirts, Caps, Badges, Posters, Newspapers etc.

  4. JOB CREATION & Increased SALARY
    - Overtime Pay and/or Allowances for Reporters, Security personnel, DBKL Cleaners etc

Why MY Weltanschauung call some PR politicians IDIOTIC:

  • Getting KIDS involved
    COWARDS get kids involved in their fight! ...but then again, in certain 'conflict' countries - kids are bearing arms.

MY Weltanschauung RM177 comments:

Najib's honeymoon is over!

at the end of the day, the ONLY person/body who came out of it with something is the Malaysian Police esp FRU who managed to get some practise after a long hiatus. After all ASEAN did not have the *ASEANAPOL-Police HQ in KL for no valid reason.

Perhaps it's time for a 3rd force in Politics
...something like the Liberal Democrats in UK!
Partai Kunci ( KEY Party )...ANYone???



6 August 2009, 11.06am
e-mail comment
fm an old A-Level friend since 1988

salam Mirul,
Lotih Den baca blog hang... huruf kocik bosar, warna2 .. dan yg paling letih last word kuning... dah ningkat tua ni mata pun dah start nak rabun dekat... aku kena kocikkan mata nak baca...

Anonymous said...

tahniah tuan memang hebat

Anonymous said...

SMART.... is a name of a tunnel...

ha..ha.. lame joke i know...


6 August 2009, 11.00pm
e-mail comment
fm an old Banking friend since 1994

You are more like a tiger on this one.Wake up a bit now?This is just right;1 cm above the belt.Still legal.Do upkeep your bull-eye standard.

I have another view on business scenario;it may be a zero sum game(some extra but some closed-joined in for the new form of exercise and experience too).

Moreover,some petrol stations gained but some LRT stations were closed.That is why so many were on foot.No wonder,your hawkers pals were having a rousing or bumper day.

Overall,a very sad day for our enviroment;global warming.Whichever way,the future generations still have to pay regardless of colours,etc.

Have you started your special project?I hope at least,under WIP.Any time to spare and catch up next week?

An email shortly for you to ponder?Regards always.