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Thursday, June 3, 2010

CABINET of LOSERs & UNelected!

Am saddened by the recently announced mini-cabinet reshuffle.

Saddened, due to 2 reasons:-
1) OTK being dropped; and,
2) Losers being appointed to cabinet.
Though by convention, appointments are the prerogative of the PM...When will PM Najib or his advisors ever learn?? The dropping of OTK just confirms the widely-held notion that the government is "covering" MCA and UMNO in the BILLION RINGGIT PKFZ scandal. Moreover, is the current crop of elected BN MPs so incompetent to be made Ministers or Deputy Ministers or is Malaysia starting to become a republic like the USA where most of the appointed Secretaries are not elected officials!!??

In our case, by appointing losers - the voice of the masses are overlooked for political expediency!!??

LOSER Ministers or Deputy Ministers:-
LOSER 1 - Shahrizat Jalil ( LEMBAH PANTAI )
LOSER 2 - Koh Tsu Koon ( BATU KAWAN )
LOSER 4 - G.Palanivel ( HULU SELANGOR )

...another case of trying to WIN the BATTLE but, LOSING the WAR???

On another note, I could not for the life of me fathom how MIC's Deputy President is a Deputy Minister whilst his "junior" who is a Vice-President is a full-fledged Minister. I supposed this might be the PM's message to MIC - ...get your house in order or I'll "screw" the lot of you regardless of rank!

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Anonymous said...

Just woke up from too much FIFA WC?Your performance is even better with this sort of posting;the big guns would wake up too(Hopefully?).

This article is equivalent to score line of 7 nil (Portugal vs North Korea).Do upkeep this frank and pound for pound punch from now on;perhaps make it a point once a week starting this sunday?

This destructive notion is still definitely constructive in numerous dimensions.Americans culture is not so great after all;excessive happenings behind the BUSH OR BUSHES?It takes a lot more than colours to brighten up.BP is caught in the Bermuda Triangle now!

Hence,do produce your regular kicks to provide a dim of light to the right path in our beloved Nation,MALAYSIA.Some may wish a new or alternative government would change many things but beware,a zero sum game would emerge?

Meanwhile,let wait and see what this bunch of so-called losers could come up with a winning hand?Like the sport betting license is another loser or winner? This is put on hold when the kitchen is too hot?Any delay would enhance its intrinsic value greatly!To some ordinary folks,it could be due to the dubious comments on popularity rating!

Though I managed to utter a few lines this morning but its your genuine and concerned effort that count.Well done,bro.