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Thursday, January 1, 2009

1430H / 2009....Only CONSTANT is UNCERTAIN!

" You can fool SOME of the people ALL the time,

ALL the people SOME of the time

but NOT ALL the people ALL the time" ~Abe Lincoln~

Just came back from a wedding cum holiday up north (including Thailand). Things are bleak. Despite assurances by no less our DPM a few weeks back i.e. the economy is resilient, strong internal demand will ensure sustainability etc. etc...things are NOT what it seemed.

Based on qualitative interviews conducted on a random sample...the following were observed:-

  • In Penang, staff in the semi-conductor industry are facing "pay cuts" and "forced leave".
  • In Kulim, Kedah work in certain factory(ies) have reverted to "single shift". Elsewhere, on the outskirts of Alor Setar...a factory dealing with basic food neccesities will chalk-up losses in the millions if there is no government intervention.
  • In KL, "businesses are closing down"....I personally know 5 business owners who are in various stages of shutting down their businesses.
  • In Thailand, ...based on conversation with business owners in Padang Bezar, revenues and visitors have tumbled...compared to previous years

The "denial syndrome" or "everything is normal" statement have got to end. Concrete actions via stimulus packages, fiscal policy (BNM included) and the full gamut of initiatives available at the government's disposal have got to be utilised/undertaken BEFORE the slump worsens!

Let this be a Strong reminder to politicians(BN or PR) across the board - start doing what you are paid to do and what we elected you for vis-a-vis people's welfare......or else! One might just take a number and join the ranks of the unemployed!

Be Prepared for a NO-FRILLS & HARD WORK 2009! Happy New Year.

"A New Year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning,

Forget the Bad, Cherish the Good,

I Sincerely Wish You & Family a very Blessed New year Ahead!


~ received via SMS from my Bang Long in JB ~

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