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Saturday, July 25, 2009

EVENING with RMC COMMANDANT....MY W's 177 Remarks/Suggestions!


For the FIRST TIME ever for MY Weltanschauung blog.....a person of Authority responded to my Comments/Suggestions on 4th August(1200 & 1817hours).
However,I am not at liberty to publish both responses!
Suffice to say, both responses managed to elucidate the author on RMC's status.


Wasalam & Best Regards.

Friday night - I attended my 2nd function after coming back from my internship with the Political & Security Co-operation Directorate of the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta.

Nice to be back at the OPA Penthouse....... after 3months and missing my 1st OPA Dinner since the new millennium! In Attendance, were around 40 OPs...Some old faces, some new faces(nice to put a face to OP Mike Naser, who is quite active in the RMC e-list).......and a Jakarta friend(OP CA) in tow!

The present RMC Commandant started the ball rolling by briefing all present of the current and proposed future development of RMC's new RM100million campus. It seems that the present RMC land have been transferred to the MOHE.

What piqued me the most were the following remarks:-

  • by the OPA President i.e. OP Maj. Gen(Rtd) Datuk Paduka Dr. Termidzi

" can RMC capitalise on being the ONLY school/college located in a university campus!? "

  • by an OP Dr. who just came back from UK (CA's batch mate)

" the end of the day, it's NOT the quantity of Puteras we churn out
but, rather the QUALITY.
I'd rather have 50 quality OPs rather than 500 questionable ones "

MY Weltanschauung 431177 Suggestions:

  • with the recent brouhaha over english as a teaching medium, Change RMC into an english medium college...thus ensuring its distinctiveness & competitiveness!

  • apart from General Leadership Training emphasis should also be given to specific soft skills training like presentation, debate, negotiations, etiquette mutatis-mutandis

  • Convert the old Cadet Wing into a RMC Museum cum Hall of Fame + incorporate a RMC Hotel & Training Centre for sustainability....after all WEST POINT, New York have a hotel!

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