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Friday, July 17, 2009

INDONESIA.......the 4th NATION, worked!

Indonesia is the 4th country i've actually "worked" in. The other 3 were the UK, Philippines and of course...Malaysia!

7 things I liked about Indonesia:-
  • NOT having to wait for taxis.

  • CHEAP Services e.g. Haircut, Shoe repairs by a Cobbler, Reflexology massage etc.


  • One's patronage at most establishment are really valued/appreciated!

  • RANGE of Choices to suit one's budget...from dead cheap to extremely extravagant.

  • Spending around 1million Rupiah per month for a shared Room(Rumah Kos) with laundry & ironing thrown in!

  • CREATIVE, elections!

Summary of my exposure:-

INDONESIA (the 4th NATION): Internship programme at the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta. Attached to the Political & Security Co-operation Directorate under Mr. Termsak. APSC is one of the 3 pillars of the ASEAN community. May - July 2009.

I like to dedicate the song "BERITA KEPADA KAWAN" ( ) to all my Indonesian friends. I find this song so apt to describe much potential and resources whilst at the same time so much sufferings!

PHILIPPINES (the 3rd STATE): Attached to NDT, Manila and went to PETRON Depot, Sasa City, Mindanao. Mindanao was my first ever experience in a 'conflict' area...skirmishes were taking place at Cotabato. What an be 'working' with one's back to the beautiful sea and experiencing cool sea breeze whilst surrounded by guards with guns & machine guns watching anxiously! Never been back to Mindanao, since.

United Kingdom the second Country (1991-1994)! As a student...mainly menial labour! Dish-Washer, General Cleaner, Kitchen Assistant, Cook & Head Cook. My main employer was Kelly's and Salina's German Coffeehouse in Sheffield.

Also did small-scale businesses...mainly food-related.

MALAYSIA (HOME COUNTRY). 1st Paid Job was as a Shop Assistant when I was 8-9years old...1st official Job - at Shangri-la Hotel, KL after my SPM. Other organisations included A&W, Athlete's World, EON Finance(EON Bank Group), UNISYS MSC...where I was attached to the PM's Department at the newly completed Putrajaya administrative city in 2000-2001, Perfect Know-How & Araf Vektor.

MY RM177 Comment / 177 Rupiah Ngobrol:

Having stayed in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung & addition to Bali in 1996) - but NOT as a tourist, I'd learnt to appreciate Malaysia more. INDONESIA for me is a SLEEPING GIANT, much potential...if only they can get their act together!

PS: This posting was supposed to appear before I went to Jakarta....BUT due to security reason(s) namely not wanting others to know of my absence, only NOW is the posting made!

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19 July reply/comment from my Indonesian friend - Rya

no comment about Philippine nor UK as i never been there :)

But yes, i totally agree with your opinion about Indonesia.

Just like you, staying in Malaysia for almost a year, i'd learnt to
appreciate my country as well.

Proudly i can say, we have much more potentiality and resources than Malaysia.
But sadly, i have to admit that those are being neglected. And yes, we
are suffering alot from that.

Be it tourism, be it technology, be it everything.

being one of the cheapest torism destination in the world with so much
things to enjoy, we did less to seriously work on it and promote our

Compared to Malaysia,for instance, i found it is damn expensive just
to enjoy a particular park,a tower, or else.
Also surprised that even shopping malls are promoted as tourist destination!

I salute the way you promote it. Small things in a really nice packaging.
Indonesia has to learn from Malaysia, something that we have to do,
just like what you did long time ago during our glorious time.

we have almost everything, yet, we almost do nothing to make it.

It is not only the government, but also the people of Indonesia that
have to stand up and act together, for the sake of Indonesia.

We used to be called Asian Tiger, only now the tiger has lost its teeth.
It will still grow, just a matter of time..and will.

May God Bless Us.

Only my 2 cents,