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Sunday, July 19, 2009

...from RED RED WUSSES/SISSIES...(RED devils renamed) - the latest "WUSSES/SISSIES" in ASIA!

Jakarta Bombers 3 - 0 JAKARTA, INDONESIA!

( NO Thanks to the red WUSSES/SISSIES)

Definition of "WUSS":
Princeton : " a person who is physically weak & ineffectual", noun : " a person regarded as weak or timid especially as unmanly ", noun - slang

Having stayed in Jakarta for some months and having observed the marketing blitz to promote the 20th July match between the Indonesian team and the red WUSS (formerly known as Red DEVILS), the decision by MANCHESTER UNITED to call off their match is utterly disappointing and a dastardly cowardly act!

After all, the former RED DEVILS ( now renamed the RED WUSS ) is coming to pluck a share of the Indonesian economic pie. Don't they realise that apart from ECONOMIC Ramifications there are also POLITICAL Repercussions of their decision to cancel their match! Whilst the economic ramifications are obvious and can be quantified, the political repercussions are intangible and might be difficult for them....... to comprehend things like moral victory for the bombers, the need to show support & solidarity with victims of a terrorist attack etc. etc. mutatis mutandis!

For all I care, the Jakarta bombers missed their target by a few days....Red WUSS(formerly known as RED DEVILS) were supposed to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Talk about spineless prima-donnas!

MY RM177 Comment/ 177 Rupiah Ngobrol:

NEVER thought I'll say this but the Malaysian Football Team have more heart and soul than the cowardly wusses/sissies who call themselves the red devils!

But then again perhaps the former colonialists are cursed into being ASSinine+stupid & cowards+yellow by their former colonies due to the atrocities committed by them.


(1) BRITISH: In 1941, Guns were facing the wrong way i.e. towards the sea. The Japanese invaders just came in through the backdoor via Johore! Just imagine, a nation who pride themselves of Cambridge, Oxford, Sandhurst & the phrase " the sun NEVER sets on the British Empire" were so ASSinine (actual spelling is with 1 's' but I prefer 2 'S's as it drives home my point) in their planning!

(2) DUTCH: For all their history of colonising people like the Indonesians, the Dutch Army just allowed/looked-on while the Srebrenica massacre took place. And to add insult to bloody murder, they were wearing the BLUE BERETS of the UNITED NATIONS!


masak said...

Biasa la... cowards live longer, bravado only bring the press and more problems...hahaha... Generals of the past fought at the front line, Generals nowadays fight in the aircond room thousand miles away.

Anonymous said...

hail ARSENAL! fuck off Man Utd

Amirul HM said...

Comment posted by OP Azly Anwar
in MailingList on 20th July, 2.42pm

OP Amirul,

MU is just like the circus.. they came to entertain.

I find it sad to see a MALAYSIANs geared up head(cap) to toe(socks) in MU merchandise at CapSquare on Saturday, walking tall as though he was MU's number one fan.

I heard him say "We're gonna whip Malaysia 5-0, at least.
Habislah Malaysia!"... I couldn't believe my ears! "WE'RE gonna whip..?" "WE??".. The way he was talking about MU, I thought that his grandparents were natives of Hulme!

On the other hand, I saw a bit of the Chelsea vs Seattle friendly match on Astro. The Seattle supporters were in full force to support their team! The stadium was green (Seattle colors). Sadly, in Bkt Jalil, we turned red for
MU, turned Blue for Chelsea..

Wonder what's worse, back-bone-less circus clowns brought from UK to entertain us, or Malaysians who worship them (and pay good money to see them).. I wonder, if there was a bomb attack in KL, and MU cancelled their tour, would these Malaysians continue worshipping?

Is this where I shout "MALAYSIA BOLEH!" ?

87-91 Alpha

supports MUU = Manek Urai United!!